Balangay Live


Balangay is a vtuber group that aims to promote Philippine folklore, culture and the conservation of endemic animals!

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Gen 0: Liwayway

The Celestial Beings that predate the modern times

Gen 1: Marahuyo

Tres Marias, The Enchanting Maidens of the Balangay.

Gen 2: Takipsilim

Mythical creatures with animal traits, endemic to the Philippine Islands.

gen 3: Kalinaw

Peculiar Gods from the Philippine Pantheon.

About Balangay Live

Vision : To be a brand that changes the meta for the Philippine VTubing community through the spread of knowledge of Philippine folk tales, history and culture.Mission : To spread the knowledge and appreciation of Philippine art, history, and folklore through various activities such as gaming, storytelling, and positive community interactions, not only with each other but through collaborations with other Vtubers as well.